[Poll] What Improvements Would You Like to See on VSPETS?

At VSPETS, team members are always looking to enhance your experience on the VSPETS website. From brainstorming sessions to prototyping new features, the flow of ideas is never ending…


BUT, while we may come up with some nifty improvements, YOU might have even more amazing ideas. We would love to know what YOU would like to see on the VSPETS website. Your input is extremely important to us. Please let us know what features you would like to see in the poll below or in the comments section.

What improvements would you like to see on VSPETS?

Thank you for your participation in this poll and on VSPETS!


[Contest] Add a Forum Post, Win a VSPETS T-Shirt

Hi Pawfriends! We are running a ‘Win a T-shirt’ contest from now until the end of April. To enter the contest, just add a post in the VSPETS Forum between March 1st and April 30th.

The pet who has the forum post with the most Paws will be determined as the winner!

How to Enter: Add one or more forum posts in the VSPETS Forum

Prize: One official VSPETS t-shirt. An amazingly soft, made in the USA, American Apparel 50/50 shirt in New Silver with the VSPETS logo.

Win this official VSPETS t-shirt!

Win this official VSPETS t-shirt!

Contest Rules and Conditions:

  • Winning Pet has the forum post with the most Paws
  • Forum Post must be added between March 1st and April 30th
  • Winner determined April 30th, 2014
  • Winner will be emailed upon contest completion for t-shirt size and shipping information


  • Add a post daily to increase odds of winning
  • Post cute photos and stories
  • Tell your friends to Paw your posts

*Cheating will get your pet automatically disqualified from the contest.
*Signing up fake pet profiles to add Paws to forum posts is considered cheating.
*Administrators will review the winner’s Paws to validate their win.
*US Residents Only

Good Luck!!! Woof! :D

New VSPETS T-Shirts Incoming!

The arrival of the newest batch of VSPETS T-Shirts is imminent! Check out the new design:


New VSPETS T-Shirts Feature:

- Super soft, super comfortable American Apparel 50/50 (cotton/poly blend) t-shirts
- Amazing looking, newest available color: silver
- VSPETS logo in all of its glory

The new t-shirts will be sent out to VSPETS members who have already purchased a t-shirt in the VSPETS Store. The t-shirts are also available to any members who have earned enough coins to purchase. Just head on over to the VSPETS Store and spend your coins on a t-shirt!

Currently, you must win battles and earn Pet Coins to purchase the T-shirts, but if demand is high enough, we may make the t-shirts available for purchase with human cash or human credit cards.

Leave us a comment if you are interested in obtaining these one-of-a-kind VSPETS t-shirts with human currency!

Pet Profile Directory Updated!

VSPETS has launched an update to the Pet Directory! Engineers at VSPETS have created an easier way to find and view the wonderful pets on VSPETS. Each pet’s full profile card is displayed when browsing through the pet directory. Check out the screenshot below:


You can now look through the newest pet’s and random pets with ease! We folks here at VSPETS are thoroughly enjoying flipping through all of the adorable profiles!

The new VSPETS Pet Directory >>

NOT ONLY THAT, we have a bunch of new updates coming soon!

Great Job Team!

VSPETS Pet Photos Now in HD! WOOF!

Engineers at VSPETS have done it again. VSPETS just received a grand enhancment…You can now view the adorable pets of VSPETS.com in beautiful High Definition! That’s right folks, all of the pet photos on VSPETS can be viewed in all their full sized glory. In order to view the LARGE FORMAT photos is to view any pet’s profile and click the photo thumbnails in their Photo Collection.

Here is a beautiful Hi-Res example of the handsome Prince Kovu (The current BEST IN SHOW, btw) :



Head on over to VSPETS.com and start checking out the amazing photos!

Great Job Team!