VSPET’s Pet Halloween Costume Show Off!

Pet Halloween Costume

Instagram Account: april_and_chloe, raeraymonsters

Yay! woof woof! meow meow! Trick or treat pawwww-leassseee!

Its that time of the year where we get to dress up our pets… and I dont mean just in comfy sweaters and shirts but in pawesome Halloween costumes! Its halloween! And at VSPETS, we love cute photos of pets in their costumes.

For the previous month, VSPETS has been asking the Instagram community to tag #vspets to their photos of their pets in costumes and below is the best of the best! Enjoy and have a happy pawesome halloween!

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Halloween Pet Photos

Instagram: mistyloo928

halloween pet photos

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Halloween pet photos

Instagram Account: patriktirda, leslie0784, ronick279, xxvic3toriaxx

Halloween Pet Photos

Instagram Accounts: kittyprettycat, libwt, queenvroom, ziggythehavanese

Halloween Pet Photos

Instagram Account: _misha24_, croseray, froggycomo, jwnwrx

Support The Pets – How To Help During Superstorm Sandy

Animal Flood Rescue

Superstorm Sandy has ripped apart and is still affecting over one thousand miles of the east coast, leaving many pets and animals behind. At VSPETS, we believe no pet should be left behind and it is important that we don’t forget about these pets during these crucial times. When storms and natural disasters occur, pets are left behind for many reasons. During this storm, we would like to express urgency for these helpless paws and want to assist in increasing awareness on how to help.

The Humane Society is currently assembling staff and equipment for rescue teams for these pups, kittens and many other types of pets that are left behind during the storm. Below is how you can help these pets and the Humane Society.

Volunteer – Click here for more info on volunteering with the Humane Society.

Donate – Click here to donate to the Humane Society.

Follow Humane Society on Twitter and stay up to date.

VSPETS: Internet Pet Competition – Best In Show – Week of 10/21/2012

Profiles: Miley, Baba and Tucker Max

VSPETS would like to congratulate the past week’s Best In Show and runner-ups! Congratulation to Miley, Baba and Tucker Max! VSPETS woofs you very much and thinks you’re purrfect!

If you haven’t done so yet, register and create your pet profile here!

Support The Pets Tuesdays – Stop Dogfighting

Today at VSPETS, we’re bringing awareness to dogfighting and ways to help stop this brutal activity in our communities. At VSPETS, we strongly support all pets and certainly dogs. We are a growing pet community and supporters of The Humane Society, and we would like to promote a segment from The Humane Society’s website regarding dogfighting.

“Man’s best friend” may fight to the death in dogfights, often with tens of thousands of dollars at stake. Dogfighters sometimes kill the losing dogs, and even winning dogs may die from their wounds. Police often discover drugs, guns, and even murder in connection with dogfights.

Organized, large-scale dogfighting operations have declined in recent years, thanks in part to The HSUS’ work against dogfighting. Street dogfighting, however, remains a problem in urban areas. Dog owners seeking status or bragging rights stage impromptu fights in back alleys or basements.

Taking Action

1. Spread the word about The Humane Association’s $5,000 reward by ordering a free reward action pack, which includes posters, postcards, brochures, and stickers with information about our reward for you to post around your neighborhood. You can also download the dogfighting poster [PDF] and print it out.

2. Make friends with your sheriff, and bring animal fighting issues to his attenton. Call or visit your local law enforcement office and bring them animal fighting reward posters. Even better, present law enforcement with statements from local animal control or shelter workers regarding the signs they see of animal fighting in the community.