[Oh No] Hosting Company Causes VSPETS Outage!

Yesterday afternoon VSPETS.com went down! It turns out the company which hosts VSPETS, Dreamhost, had a power outage in their data center which hosts VSPETS. Most likely caused by a disgruntled dog chewing on a power cord… (we think).


Unfortunately, VSPETS was inaccessible until early this morning… but its back up now and operating normally!

You can find more information regarding the outage here: Power disruption affecting US-West Data Center (Irvine, CA)

To all of those who were affected, we are very sorry for the inconvenience !

See you on VSPETS!

VSPETS Paws Have Initiated Their Tumblr

VSPETS Pet Tumblr
Hi Pawfriends,

After a woofybizzness meeting at the pawpark today, the VSPETS paws have decided to create a Tumblr for our growing online pet community.

VSPETS Pet Tumblr

Our Tumblr will feature pet photos from our members and each photo uploaded will have a link reverting back to that VSPETS profile. Click HERE to visit our Tumblr or copy the link @ vspets.tumblr.com