The Best Photos of a Dog With Sunglasses On – VSPETS

The pets of the VSPETS Pet Competition are feeling the heat wave of the summer. What do these pets like to do when summer is here… woof woof, yes, that is, wear sunglasses… and drink water. As you can tell pawfriends, most of these dogs wearing sunglasses photos are taken indoors, which could lead you to believe that this is solely a dog fashion trend…. A dog with sunglasses on is a fashionable dog :)

VSPETS is the Internet pet competition and pet community. If you haven’t entered your pet yet, please do so by clicking HERE!

Pet Profile: Buster Nelson – Buster Nelson is an 8 month old beach puppy who often spends weekends in the Hollywood hills. He is very friendly loves all dogs and people. His favourite pastime is running, fetch, and trying to chew on people’s fingers!!!

Pet Profile: Diva – I’m a pitbull and love the sun and my sister dolce. She is a jackrussel. I love to swim and play whith the bal My home is in the netherlands.

Pet Profile: MORGAN & ANKARA – Two spoiled Bull Terriers from Colombia!!! Morgan (Male/Tri-color) Ankara (Female/White with black eyed patch) They love to take walks on the beach, eat, sleep and cuddle! Follow us in Instagram @my2bullterrors

Pet Profile: JEWELZY – I like walks; playing with my “ball”, getting treats out of water bottles, making a mess, long naps, getting my belly rubbed, SoCal dog beaches, road trips, hiding my bone, chasing squirrls, swimming, hiking, shopping at Petco, licking face

Pet Profile: Freddy Arnet – My fred is the most amazing dog you could ever meet. He is around 7 years old and he is obsoletely obsessed with playing fetch. I always thought the world should get to know fred.

Pet Profile: Zachary – Golden Labrador. 2yrs old. Cheeky monkey!

Pet Profile: Rascal Pagliara – I am so smooth All the other dawgs always be checking me out. I even get looks and whiffs from felines too.

Pet Profile: Burguer – Burger is an adorable miniature schnauzer who loves stuffed animals, play, run and make many friends.

Pet Profile: Nicki The Chug – She is from Cancun, Mexico. She likes play and bite people. she is a model. More photos of NIcki in my Instagram account: @agago7

Pet Profile: Kobe – “A handsome Lhasa Apso”

The Top Nerdiest Nerdy Pets of The Internet – VSPETS

Nerds are great! meow… And they are really cute :) What’s even cuter are nerdy pets! At VSPETS, we look at pet photos all day long… and here is some of our nerdiest pets we have come across. We hope you woofy woof enjoy!

VSPETS is the Internet pet competition and pet community. If you haven’t entered your pet yet, please do so by clicking HERE!

Nahla Rae’s Profile: My name is Nahla Rae I’m just an ordinary hipster dog living the spoiled life. Brought into the world on Feb. 7th 2013 I’m still learning my way around. I truly believe I’m human. Please follow me on instagram @nahla_rae

xxmaxxx’s profile: I am a huge fan of Harry Potter. I have always dreamed of being a powerful wizard. If I could only hold the wand, I know I could cast a spell to turn myself into a ferocious lion…or make a plate of yummy treats appear.

Tobby’s Profile: Hi! My name is Tobby, but my friends at the dog park call me ”the whistler” because I can’t bark, so I make weird sounds like a little bird. I love Bob Marley and bacons. I’m 2 :)

Asya’s Profile: Shih tzu Maltese Almost 5 yrs Cuddly/ fun/ happy dog

Bentley James’ Profile: My name is Bentley James. I am a bichon/ shih tzu mix. I was born on Halloween 2011. I am a very lovable dude. I love being ornery. You can find me sticking my head out windows, making friends at the bark park, or ripping the stuffing out of toys.