Best Black and White Pet Photos of The Internet – VSPETS

Some look at black and white photos as treasures of the past…. others consider them objects filled with beauty and emotion… Here at the pet photo competition, we view them simply as pawesome photography! VSPETS is currently growing by the thousands and as we continue to grow, we continue to have the privilege of viewing tons of amazing photos. Here are some of our favorites that we have compiled so far for 2013. Have a great day, paw-friends!

Dakodah’s Pet Profile: This sweet girl is 4 1/2 and is as loyal as it gets. She is a protector, a lover, a good listener ;), and is obsessed with her orange ball. She also loves to swim and protect mama’s new human baby!

Keller’s Pet Profile: Heerroo I’m Keller the cattledog and I live in Nova Scotia. My owner says I’m the best dog but I shed too much . Hehe. I am a cattle dog that is afraid of cattle ! I love bikes rides , hiking , frisbee, sticks, cheese and chasing squirrels!

Noodles Pet Profile: Noodle (aka Noodle-Man) is a playful, quirky, Italian Greyhound. He’s extremely caring and loves to snuggle- when he’s not busy harassing his feline sister. He has a lot of personality and definitely provides a lot of laughs!


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MJ’s Pet Profile: MJ is the sweetest most affectionate loving cat in the world. My protector, and acts like a real baby. I have yet to come across someone who did not love him right away. With all the personality he has, it’s hard not to. He’s the best!

Budy’s Pet Profile: Buddy is a 6 month old yellow Labrador, he is cheeky funny dog. He loves to play with other dogs and is a big part of the family.

Gandalf’s Pet Profile: Gandalf is a 3 year old cheeky little Burmese/Tabby cross. Our little boy was part of the family as soon as he was born due to my dad hand delivering him as he got a little stuck on his way out :) he also loves to chew plastic :S

Lilly’s Pet Profile: Lilly is a true gentle giant. She loves riding along in the car and sleeping in her camping chair. She has lots of friends at puppy daycare and she loves her brother, Ben.

Puss ‘n’ Boots’ Pet Profile: Softest pussy ever

Kain’s Pet Profile: This goofy dog is Kain, a white boxer, who LOVES to spend time with his poppa & play with his Min Pin sister. Occasionally he tolerates his mommy. ;-)

Whinston’s Pet Profile: I’m whinston. I may look small, but I have the personality of a Great Dane! I love to play, hide and seek is my fave. My speciality is i can drown you in kisses. Watch out for my leg lifts for a good tummy rub too. Please vote for me!