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New VSPETS T-Shirts Incoming!

The arrival of the newest batch of VSPETS T-Shirts is imminent! Check out the new design:


New VSPETS T-Shirts Feature:

- Super soft, super comfortable American Apparel 50/50 (cotton/poly blend) t-shirts
- Amazing looking, newest available color: silver
- VSPETS logo in all of its glory

The new t-shirts will be sent out to VSPETS members who have already purchased a t-shirt in the VSPETS Store. The t-shirts are also available to any members who have earned enough coins to purchase. Just head on over to the VSPETS Store and spend your coins on a t-shirt!

Currently, you must win battles and earn Pet Coins to purchase the T-shirts, but if demand is high enough, we may make the t-shirts available for purchase with human cash or human credit cards.

Leave us a comment if you are interested in obtaining these one-of-a-kind VSPETS t-shirts with human currency!