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VSPETS: Internet Pet Competition – Best In Show – Week Of 11/11/2012

Pet Contest Result

Pet Profile: Dr. Mundo, Jackson, Remi

It’s the week of 11/11. Make a woof wish!

VSPETS would like to congratulate the past week’s Best In Show and runner-ups! Congratulation to Dr. Mundo, Jackson and Remi! VSPETS woofs you very much and thinks your purrfect! – Click HERE to check out the rankings.

VSPETS is the Internet’s pet competition. If you haven’t registered your pet yet, click HERE to create your pet’s pawesome profile.

Lazy Pet Photos From The Pets of VSPETS Collection

Hello Pet Friends!

Everyday at VSPETS we get new pets entering into our pet competition and that means… we get to look at new pet photos! We love them! We decided to use our paws, dig into the pets from VSPETS photo collection and gather all the lazy pets of VSPETS and show them off! Here you go friends and if you haven’t entered your pet into the pet competition, please do so here!

Pet Profile: Nico, Opie, Pablo, Rocko

Pet Profile: Harley, J.J., Lucille, Mischa

Pet Profile: Rocky, Sage, Satan, Wende Jones