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Pet Profile Directory Updated!

VSPETS has launched an update to the Pet Directory! Engineers at VSPETS have created an easier way to find and view the wonderful pets on VSPETS. Each pet’s full profile card is displayed when browsing through the pet directory. Check out the screenshot below:


You can now look through the newest pet’s and random pets with ease! We folks here at VSPETS are thoroughly enjoying flipping through all of the adorable profiles!

The new VSPETS Pet Directory >>

NOT ONLY THAT, we have a bunch of new updates coming soon!

Great Job Team!

Support the Pets Tuesday: 10/2/2012


VSPETS Support The Pets Day: Thinking about getting a pet? Millions of companion animals in shelters across America are just waiting for a special home like yours. Navigating the adoption process isn’t as hard as you think. The Humane Society can help you find the perfect pet and discover how amazing adopting a pet can be.

VSPETS Declares Tuesdays As Support The Pets Day!

Every Tuesdays at VSPETS is Support The Pets Day. We would like to let all our members and friends know that we are supporters of pets and that every activity on our website and likes on facebook goes towards “VSPETS’ No Pet Left Behind Act.” For more information, please visit our Support The Pets page.

Every Tuesday, VSPETS will be making efforts to bring awareness towards specific topics for supporting the pets in the pet community.  For today, we would like to point out two organization that we strongly support.


The Humane Society


We woof you very much!