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VSPETS: Internet Pet Competition – Best In Show – Week Of 11/04/2012

Internet pet competition best in show

Pet Profiles: Carly, Lexi, Jules

VSPETS would like to congratulate the past week’s Best In Show and runner-ups! Congratulation to Carly, Lexi and Jules! VSPETS woofs you very much and thinks your purrfect! – Check out the rankings here.

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VSPETS: Internet Pet Competition – Pet Contest Previous Week’s Best In Show Results

Pet Competition Profiles: Jules, Genie, Ralph

Today marks the beginning of a new week for VSPETS. If you didnt know, VSPETS is the Internet’s pet competition where pets start one on one battles to find out whose #1. The VSPETS community has been growing rapidly since launch in late September.

Pictured above are the best in show and runner-up pet’s of last week. We would like to congratulate Jules, Genie and Ralph for their success in the VSPETS pet competition!

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